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Hi I’m Andy Bell (aka Deceptive). Mainly abstract photographer based in Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom. Concerned mainly with colour, lines and shapes. Deceptive Media is my photoblog/portfolio and has been on line for 12 years, 1 months, and 9 days .

Winner 3 years running at the Photobloggies (2007/2006/2005).

I was a member of Surge, now recording as C-Dek.

Contact me by either leaving a comment on this page or by sending me an email.

If you’d like to purchase a print or download there are links at the bottom of a photo if it is for sale.

You can also find me at Twitter and Facebook. Deceptive Media also has a Facebook page here.

  • Mate, been looking at your site and just wanted to tell you that I really like your pics. A link to it was sent to me by a friend and fellow photoblogger. I’m looking at new templates (themes) for my photoblog which died a slow internet death as the My Expressions blogging service came to an end. My wordy blog is on WordPress, and I want to do a photoblog on WP as well… love the back end.

    Old blog, soon to be united somehow/somewhere with my WP blog:


    The Iron Flatline (Yoram Roth)

  • Really like your site redesign. Love your abstract photos.

    I’ve recently changed over to WP too; don’t think I’ll ever go back to PP.

  • i dunno how to take colour photos. your photos are very inspiring which let us know why we need colour.

  • Could I have your permission to use this Dungeness Power Station picture in print for my electrical client?

    • Thanks for your interest SB.
      Unfortunately I am unable to offer any of my images for free, but I do offer royalty free licenses on some images at a cost.
      I’ve sent you an email.

  • one of the best sites i’ve seen so far
    definitely bookmarked!

  • Keep shining.. your artsy artistry!

  • I create a new photoblog, some days ago. I like link exchange with you. if you are ok ?

  • Your pictures are really great!!! i am 1 and i have been wanting to become a photographer… i know am young to be deciding what i should do with my life but… if there is any advice you could give me, what would it be??? Thanks!!!

  • im sorry i meant i was 13, not 1 !!!

  • Your photography is incredible and very inspiring! Do you sell prints of your work? Also, do you make money from your blog? I’m thinking of starting one to express my creativity but wouldn’t mind generating income eventually.

    Many thanks,

    • Thanks Adam, I do sell prints, if your interested let me know which ones via email and we can talk details. I don’t make a lot of money from the site but do sell the odd hi-res.

    • Thanks for the quick reply, Andy. YOur work is amazing and I wish you continued success! I will follow your site and when I find that I have some extra money in my pocket, I’d love to buy a print.

      In case you’re not familiar, I think you might really like this guy’s work:

      David Maisel


  • Wow, like wow, I just added some bandwidth to your account and decided to have a peek at your site. Boy am I glad I did, Amazing pics and fantastic music. You get wordpress to look unlike wordpress, Hazzah!

  • One french comment : il y a beaucoup d’idées stimulantes et l’ensemble est très réjouissant à regarder. Merci !

  • Such rich photos. Have you ever shown in Montreal?

  • I always watch your websites and show it to my students, I love it.
    A question: how work the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro on the 5DmkII, I really miss my 60mm EFs on the 40D and now that I have the 5DmkII I want a good macro lens.

    • Thanks logu, the Tamron works very well on the 5DmkII.

  • Congrats Andy,
    pretty special shots!
    Is your template/theme available for purchase?

  • hi andy. love your photos and have been following your work for years now. i was wondering though, have you ever written any tutorials?

    • Thanks Matthew, no I haven’t written any tutorials, sorry.

  • Hi Andy. This message just to say that I have found lots of really great photos in your site. You have an interesting point of view. Looking forward to see more and more.

  • Tanya pointed me towards your work. Love the Resonance series.
    Have added it to my blog.
    Intend to use a track in one of my online mixes later in the year.

  • What I meant to say in my last comment was I intend to use a track of yours on my next Test Transmission Archive Reel later in the year.
    Not sure what mies means???? think I was typing a tad to fast and did not check.

  • Really great photos in your site. thank you.

  • What beautiful photos. A true talent!

  • Breath-taking and a new source of inspiration! Best wishes and regards from Slovenia. ;)

  • All the pics are fantastic…very much impressive…i am an emerging photographer new to this field….and i have learned some of the tips n trick written by professional photographer like you…with that knowledge i have begun my journey and started posting some of my works in my blog though its not good…hope to see myself in good level in couple of years…

  • My new favorite blog. So nice to see a different perspective of the things around us. Time to get my macro lens out :)

  • Hi, I really like the photo Hengistbury Head Rays 1. Tried to click on the link to buy a print but wouldn’t work. Can you help?

    • Thanks Matt. I’ve just switched to a new theme and been having a few technical difficulties. Links should be working now.

  • Really a nice work….Love all of your photos…..they are all inspiring and breath taking….

  • Hei Mr. Bell. Your music is just incredible…! EVERY track is a masterpiece! It´s mindblowing….

  • i hope you´ll make a Resonance Vol 06! your music is out of space….

  • I shoul have found your blog much earlier than that! Really great work, and it definitely is one of the most inspiring photoblogs on the web. Actually, I’m more and more interested in an abstract or minimal style since I’m photographing more regularly.

  • Ok, I have been following you for some time and I just have to say that you are getting better and better. Your point of view is clear and there is emotion in the abstarct images. Keep it up.

  • Hi Andy, You’ve got some wonderful, dynamic compositions and the use of colour especially in your close-up images is nothing short of spectacular! On top of that, the theme you’re using is one of the most functional and good-looking ones that I’ve seen around for a photo website. As I’m in the process of re-designing my onw website, I wonder whether your theme is avalaible to download/purchase.


    – Christos

    • Thanks Christos. The theme will be available soon – I’ve sent you an email.

  • Thought you might like all the pix at the link, but it was #5 that made me start thinking.

  • Link I meant to put in last post.

  • Love the work, a nice strong style, check out my blog about my recent advertising product photography