11 Rivets

11 Rivets

Posted by on 2 May 2008  | 14 Comments
  • Really great job!!
    A very nice Photoblog.

    Best Regards from Spain.
    Jaime Alberto

  • Nice abstract, love the textures and patterns.

  • looks like the Dutch flag ;-) Great abstract again created by you.

  • Awesome image. My kind of shot.

  • Great!!! must be part of the airplane series.

  • very graphic. the use of line concept comes right through. the bold colors are nice as well.

  • Great bold colors and shapes. Nicely done.

  • Colors are killing me, love the framing, well seen,

  • Tena koe ehoa
    The red, white and blue somehow adds an iconic sense to the image almost patriotic.

  • You’re doing a good job on pleasing your Dutch viewers with this shot!

  • very cool! awesome textures and composition. the diaginal line and bolts really tie this one together.

  • Wonderful texture and colors!