Adam #14

Adam #14

Posted by on 22 February 2008  | 23 Comments

Adam (my son) is 3 years old today.

  • got a lot going on behind those big eyes. he’s adorable. great shot. lot of depth on various levels.

  • HB! He’s a cheerful soul. I like the set-up here as it gives him heroic proportions.

  • I did mean he looks cheerful, and having met him, I know he is!

  • No worries Milou, of course I knew what you meant.

  • Wow! A wonderful b/w-portrait. I am impressed!!!

  • Lovely portrait, very clean and sharp too

  • Wonderful!!!!
    Happy B-day Adam.

  • right on, happy b-day to your son!

  • wow my son is 5! ;)
    really beautiful.. it’s a perfect portrait.. so clean and beauty.. sorry for my bad english..

  • Wow. What a beautiful image – lots of soul, lots of drama.

  • This is a wonderful shot. Great processing.

  • Very cool b/w picture. I’m wondering where he is looking at?

  • Wow. What a fantastic portrait. Those eyes are magical. I am sure you are proud of him:).

    And, hope he had a wonderful birthday!

  • Tena koe ehoa
    Stunning persona and stunningly captured! The vignette is a great addition

  • Fantastic! – I would have been well happy with this had I taken the shot!
    You have some great images on your site. Sorry i cannot comment on them all as I just don’t have the time but I will be calling back to check out

  • Thanks everyone.
    Emmel: He was looking onto a children’s play area the other side of the fence.

  • Fabulous!

  • Happy belated Adam! Great portrait!

  • How much a photographer likes his babe! He is very cute!

  • Superb sharpness around the eyes! it really makes it intense!

  • Great shot…makes you wonder what he’s seeing and what he’s thinking so intently about.

  • Love the tones and the intense look :)

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