Adam In The Bath

Adam In The Bath

Posted by on 14 July 2006  | 12 Comments
  • infant as aged/frozen man.
    this is amazing.

  • So, is this a picture of ice, or maybe water up close with a very fast shutter speed?

  • I usually keep the white skin on, and while this photo looked interesting there, i really had to switch to black to see everything that was going on. Overall I think this is a good, unique approach to the water close up, which can often get trite. If you’ve only seen in on the white background, switch to black!

  • Looks like water poured over a babies face. There face has turned away quite striking.

  • Wow, nice shot! I totally didn’t see the face the first time I saw this photo.

  • Wow – I didn’t spot the face until I read the comments, what a treat to realise what this is! A doll’s head I presume – or did you try to drown a real bby :p

  • what a nice shot!!amazing capture!!

  • Great, it took a 30 seconds looking at this picture till i noticed the face

  • Great twist on the shot love it… so well seems like something from another planet. Phil

  • Water poured over my sons head, he absolutely loved it!

  • wow! wow ! wow !!!

  • This is what talent looks like. I am amazed.