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Another Green World

Posted: on 5 December 2008
Categories: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog
Tags: coast | green | rocks | seascape

Brian Eno’s excellent album Another Green World sprang to mind while I was editing this and seemed like an appropriate title.



  • Very otherworldly, I like the tones.

  • This is fluid beauty. Such grace.

  • Nice photos.Congratulations.

  • incredible and out of worldly.

  • I’m with Laurie on this.

  • Really beautyful capture ! I love tone…

  • beau traitement d’une grande finesse ! C’est quelle planète ?

  • Lovely shot; feel as if I could float away here.

  • Looks like the sound stage for some of my dreams. Beautiful photo.

  • Nice “dreamy” toning. And the dreamy atomsphere is nicely supported by the long shutter speed. Good job!

  • Very mystic atmosphere. I always enjoy long exposures. The toning is perfect for this image.

  • Excellent moody shot! Very pleasant colors and composition.

    And you are certainly right – I can see how this would bring Eno’s AGW to mind.

  • wow! truly wonderful and peaceful image. great!

  • flickr

    absolutely beautiful! rocks’ details are so nice, great long exposure :)

  • flickr

    wow this is an amazing shot!

  • flickr

    We don’t see things like that in my neck of the woods…very cool!

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  • flickr

    Amazing shot!!!

  • flickr

    really a very good image… colors, framing and set; all is fixed perfectly here!
    long exposure really worked out!

  • flickr

    excellent mood. not to mention the colors. keep it up :)

  • fabulous shot with great atmosphere.

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