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Posted: on 17 August 2005
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Photoblog | Reflected | Sigma 28-200mm
Tags: abstract | brick | cone | red | reflections | windows



  • ummm …. reflection in water? otherwise, it’s a nice watercolor!

  • One heck of a water reflection – very nice.

  • It’s like bacon with windows in it. Great shot.

  • stunning. I really like this.

  • These are starting to become your trademark. Great reflection Andy. Wonderful colors. Nice contrast between warm and cool.

  • awesome. I *love* the colours that you keep finding, and nobody does reflections quite like you!!

  • bravo

  • Like the way you have not captured what was being reflected. Interesting shot indeed.

  • it’s great, no more words

  • brilliant shot man

  • great reflection shot.

  • very impressive reflection!

  • Great shoot, is it water? cant get this right… Nice!

  • Outstanding reflex shot!

  • flickr

    Excellent title and a fantastic pic too!

  • flickr

    Thanks Bernat_83

  • flickr

    Wow–this is incredible. And the fact that it really does look like bacon is always an added bonus

  • Great portfolio!!
    Amazing shots, but this is one of my favourites!

  • One of the most interesting water reflections I have seen!

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