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Posted by on 28 November 2005  | 23 Comments

Bananas abstract.

  • Yum. Just ripe!

  • Awesome. Bananas?

  • Looks great. And for the 1st time, I actually got it. Yeah.

  • Excellent shot I like the colouring and texture

  • Excellent – they look a bit over ripe to me though!

  • A snake?

  • Bananas!

  • Who know browning bananas could be so pretty? Very nice.

  • Makes me turn my nose up. I can smell them right through the photo. Definitely prefer them greener that these ones.

  • Those need eating sharpish! Great colours.

  • Great colors . You have taken a common object and transformed it into a Wonderful abstraction.Very interesting indeed.

  • how much is it !! 10 p per k
    it’s abstract wonderful shot
    actually i love the smell of such bananas

  • Great as always Andy!

  • bananas!!! nice.

  • I ate a banana today…after this i dont think i’ll be eating them for a while.

  • Awesome lighting! The color and saturation are so vibrant, especially against the black background.

  • Great idea for a pic. I always found pattern on ripe banana peels to be intense. Nice job filling the frame with the pattern.

  • very beautiful, i like this photo.

  • 500px


Bananas on 500px

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