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Basing Lines

Posted: on 14 November 2005
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Photoblog | Portfolio | Sigma 28-200mm
Tags: black and white | landscape | lines | perspective | trees



  • Nice shot, very cool perspective.

  • I love this photo!
    All the elements in the photo force you to look at the trees in the middle.

  • Nice effect. What have you use to create the blur on the edge ?

  • Wow – An unbelievable shot, Andy. One of your best.

  • wordless!!!

  • The lines of the field make it look almost fluid. Nice use of selective focus.

  • Fantastic Andy. One of your best indeed.

  • your pictures are simply good. I must vote by photoblog.

  • Really great work Andy! Some great contrast and good perspective.

  • wow!! nice place…maybe color also would be great photo

  • That’s an awesome treatment, works really well for me.

  • The lines and the tones in this shot are wonderful. It’s as if you are drawn right into the trees.

  • I love this shot. The one thing that spoils it a little is the square pathces of white, which rather interupt the smooth flow of lines from foreground to background.

  • Fantastic pciture, the mixture of black and white with the curves that almost look geometrical makes me think of a field for Harry Potter to play imaginary games in. :)

  • I like the use of focus here. I’m racing towards the forest.

  • flickr

    Amazing perspective and composition. The light in the sky around the edges of the trees is really a gem to the eye

  • flickr

    Just beautiful! :)

    Via Xinha’s contacts’ uploads on Fluidr

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