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Blue Hot Air Balloon Abstract

Posted: on 16 November 2006
Categories: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog
Tags: abstract | blue | hot air balloon

Found at Balloons over Basingstoke.



  • Wow! I love the texture of this. The pattern is amazing as well, it really adds something to the shot. I think what appeals to me most is the disruption of everything in the bottom of the frame. Also, the blues are beautiful, the light really brings them out. I’m really digging this shot.

  • Great framing. Beautiful blues and texture! Creative shot. Like it.

  • Another great example where photographing a part is better than the whole.

  • Skillfully done. There’s loads of different sets of lines that keep your eye moving around and keep you looking deeper.

  • What a great display of colors, patterns, and lines!! Awesome image!

  • This is fab on so many levels – it’s like the a balloon’s skin in a lifetime – from the smooth skin at the top decreasing to weathered wrinkles at the bottom.

  • WOW! Wonderful!…

  • Great capture!!

  • simplicity works very well here, well done

  • The theme of creativity is evident, great color display as well.

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