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Blue White Divide

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    Great. Love the little circle. This shines.

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    Very unusual abstract, very exciting and strange quality!

  • Well spotted, I love the way the white bleeds into the blue, a wonderful tactile feel to this wonderful composition….

  • Shooter took the works right out of my mouth, nice shot.

  • Great colours and composition. Could this be a door into some alien spaceship?

  • Very nice indeed, I love the colors and that ‘seam’ has something mysterious about it.

  • Guess I’m going to buy a very old car and leave in my backyard till it starts to rust like this one – these are very nice shots

  • Good complimentary colour. This reminds me of a Celtic battle shield lost but now restored to its former glory. Must be down to curves and the rivets.

  • I like. Oh, man do I like this.

    Blue White Divide on flickr

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