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Brick Wall and Wooden Door

Posted: on 26 August 2005
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Photoblog | Sigma 28-200mm
Tags: brick | door | red | wall



  • woah. crazy arse colour there! is that natural or have you been doing a bit of digital majigery?

  • You do quite well – the colors look amazingly unrealistic, yet amazingly authentic at the same time.. if that makes any sense? Saturation is pushed, but at a good level. :)

  • Solid colours! Awesome! Hm. why is the edge slightly dimmed?

  • One thing I’m drawn to again and again in the city is brickwork – Boston’s got quite a bit of it. This shot is amazingly present and you’ve done due justice to the subject matter.

  • Very cool! I love the intense reds and the placement of the door is perfect.