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Broken Glass

Posted: on 17 May 2007
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: abstract | black and white | bokeh | urban

Broken Glass on a seafront Shelter.



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    lovely use of dof here

  • I have no idea if this is technically good. I just know what I like and I really like this shot. Well done.

  • flickr

    Beautiful! It’s great how the glass has so much texture, it really does it!
    Great Shot! Please join us at:
    I Think this is Art !

  • Nice one mate! looks very similar to my shot:

  • Wow. I love the lines created from the jagged edges. They outline the blurred subjects with a dangerous frame. The abused glass around adds much drama to the image.

  • flickr

    Love it

  • excellent shot ! I like this …

  • Nice dof, nice composition.

  • Nice shot. I like the dof.

  • talk about a little really a nice find. the light captures all the little details so well.

  • Really nice photo. Great focus play.

  • iv been checking your Bblog over a year and half now!! love your abstract work! amazing. I just go speechless when I see them, its my fav. subject and you making very hard to me :)

  • Tena koe ehoa
    I think the b&w gives the image a lot of visual impetus. The tones in this format seem to equate better as an accent than they would in colour IMHO. The contrasts of opaqueness and transluscency and out-of-focus/DOF qualities make a good point of interest here also.

  • Very good one ; nice and sharp on the broken window and a perfect dof ! Graytones are perfect ! Strong visual image

  • flickr

    This photo has been selected as a finalist for the bokeh whores BEST OF THE POOL (week of 14 May 2007). The top 10 shots from the finalists pool will be selected and posted later today.

  • wow, fantastic shot!

  • Great use of the depth of field here. The sharp glass adds to the contrasting effect.

  • Love this one, Andy. The detail in the glass is great.

  • Yes, i like the narrow DOf you used here, is the key of the shot.

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