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Broken Window

Posted: on 13 November 2007
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: abstract | broken | glass

First post from the weekend trip to Dungeness with David and Jamey. The light was fabulous, thanks for a great day guys.
Update: New site design – if it looks a mess refresh the page.



  • Very pretty shot. Good job.

  • Lovely. I must confess to trying a few broken glass shots myself after seeing you snap some. They’re quite different to this, though so I’m not too much of a thief :)

  • I feel the urge to to break it :)

  • It’s cool to see how something broken can make such a wonderfull image :)

  • Beautiful color and texture!!!! Like the new look.

  • Ambiguity again (which is a good thing). Without the title I would have guessed at winter sunlight reflected in an icy pond. And the new site is smoooooth :D

  • Love it. Colors, lines, texture. My type of beauty.

  • gorgeous abstract and wonderful reflections, texture and composition. This is beautiful shot and yes, the light probably was fabulous but you took it and ran!

  • flickr

    This is beautiful!

  • flickr

    gorgeous! this is an awesome concept… love the colors and the whole feel of it.

    you should check out a contest a friend of mine is hosting today! The photo challenge today is "broken" and this photo would be perfect for it! You can enter it here.

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