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Bubbles Macro V

Posted: on 13 January 2010
Categories: Bubbles | Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Photoblog | Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro
Tags: abstract | bubbles | orange

Washing liquid, olive oil, water, and yellow ink, in a plastic beaker, shaken but not stirred. Shot from above, lit by the modelling lamps of my Interfit flash heads.



  • very cool

  • Gorgeous colours on this…

  • Very cool. I like the result.

  • Very nice image !

  • Looks like orange juice…Obviously the lighting is the trick here. Continuous source I gather? Thinking about investing in some lighting soon… Any suggestions?

    • Yes continuous light, I did try flash but it didn’t look so good. I have 2 Interfit Stellar 300 watt heads umbrellas and softbox, they are good and also with their modelling lights make for good continuous light but I wish I’d gone for 600 watts, it’s surprising how much light you need. If you have the room then I’d recommend them. I also have Sigma EF-500 DG Super flash and a very cheap ring flash that I use in conjunction with my Interfit’s or on their own.

  • Wonderfully conceived and executed. I love the multitude of orange hues.

  • A world in orange. Love the colors and structures.

  • Immense colour. That’s a lot of light needed.

  • Nice. This and the previous one remind me of microbiology courses.

  • flickr

    Very cool…wonderful manipulation!

  • flickr

    That’s wicked, loving the yellow tone!

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