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Canary Wharf 03

Posted: on 12 January 2005
Categories: Fed 2 | Photoblog
Tags: black and white | office block



  • Nice image. Nice tones. For some reason it reminds me of superman.

  • Really great Andy, to me this is publishing quality. I love the dark feel to it, the angle and the way the building looks so inhuman.

  • Simply beautiful — great image…

  • The pattern in the inside corner is fantastic. Wonderful tones and contrast!

  • great photo!!!very powerful!!!thanks

  • Great shot. I like the repeating pattern and the monumentality.

  • Beautiful shot, Nice point of view and framing, and the B&W is a good call.

  • The texture just goes on and on! Very nice! It’s the tone of the corner that I really like here..

  • Its all been said. I guess I’m late today. Great job!!

  • It will sound redundant but … Great shot! Love the angle, the tone, the clouds. Has a sort of Blade Runner-ish feel. Very cool!

  • holy crap wow.

  • this is colossal! great contrast from bright left side, to dark right side and highlight in the middle. there’s a reflective light pattern going up the surface of the dark side which is intriguing. very futuristic.

  • i love this camera! i need to get one too! :-)

  • Wow, you see so many photos like this one, but this one achieves what they’re all going for – excellent height, dramatic skies, great detail and contrast. I love it!

  • I absolutely love this. Wow, it’s, well, wow.

  • Wow what a view. Love the differnt shades of black and with the light hitting one side makes it even more of a great capture.