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Canary Wharf Clock

Posted: on 1 April 2005
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Lensbaby | Photoblog
Tags: abstract | clock | office block

My first post using the Lensbaby I received in the post yesterday – I got charged import VAT – err! Good job I did not win the Best European / British / Irish Photoblog at The Photobloggies as I’d have two of them, I ordered the Lens before I new of The Photobloggies which is another good job as I would not have one now.



  • Let me guess, Canary Wharf? I used to look at the clocks every day when working in a restaurant in CW. Cool idea to blur the Canada1 windows against the clock itself. I like how the square windows contrast with the oval shape of the clock, The image works so well in B&W. You’ve sent me on a little trip down the memory line with this picture… Good old times :)

  • I really dig the selective focus that lensbaby gives. Nice use of it in this photo. It’s cool that it gives you that effect without having to do it digitally. :)

  • Really cool shot! If I was in charge you’d have two. They must have not counted my vote…;-) Glad your toy arrived safely!

  • Andy, cool effect. Did you shoot this clock before? Or a similar clock in the same area?

  • Wonderful shot–the focus is beautiful…

  • Andy, love the effect. I can’t wait to see more examples of what you can do with your new toy. Love the color treatment too. Gives this an “old” feel but is a nice contrast to the definitely modern style of the clock itself.

  • new toys are great. i want to try one of these out. great first shot with it, love the blur effect. is this the 9:00 only clock?

  • What a great, simple image. I love the blur effect on this. Almost makes me want to buy a lensbaby too, although I am saving up for a new telephoto zoom instead. One thing I’m curious about is whether you think the lensbaby’s effects can also be achieved in photoshop?

  • very cool shot Andy …. I have been thinking about getting a lensbaby and after seeing this I am going to place my order, will be intersesting to use it with film.

  • Awesome picture, I can’t say anything more. I LOVE IT!!!

    Congratulations on winning a bloggie. That where I found your site, I will start following it from now on, keep me intesrested!!

  • Good shot Andy, works well because of the contrast on the clock face. These lenses produce some fab results. Good stuff.

  • Has a sort of 1950’s feel about it somehow. Very nice.

  • excellent shot.

  • Congrats. Very nice soft tones in this one.

  • i took a few shots of the same clock the other day… didnt turn out that well… nice effect with the lensbaby!

  • Nice capture. Never seen a clock quite like this…nice blur work. Well done. -T

  • wow, this is really great !! love the focus/blur you get with it, nice job !!

  • Fantastic photograph. I could see this one in a stock photo book. Love the effect.

  • Really nice.

  • Excellent :-)

  • Another great one here. I love the lighting and the lensbaby effect. I have to figure out a photoshop action to emulate it until I can buy a DSLR :D. Some stressed feelings here… but it also reminds me of my travels to NYC which I recall with happiness… so mixed feelings again. Beautiful!.