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Car Park Reflection

Posted: on 5 April 2008
Categories: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Portfolio | Reflected
Tags: abstract | blue | clouds | colour | lines | no parking | puddle | rain | red | reflections | wet | windows | yellow



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    What’s down, what’s up? What is somewhere – or even not? You like to jump in, you afraid to falling down, you raise up your head – you can’t get in – but you can’t stand out, too.

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    I like it.

  • really graphically interesting and of course your color is great. almost looks like a painting.

  • Beautiful layering. Interesting contrast of the wavy building and the defined grid.

  • Well done. This is so terrific!

  • Tena koe ehoa
    I think the putting the reflection back-up the right way[?] has added a great visual dynamic to the intensity of the impression.
    I like the post production work too, very conducive.

  • ndiginiz: you are right, thanks.

  • It’s so perfect :)

  • Cool shot!

  • another brilliant observation! the world looks so much better upside down!

  • Liked this on my phone and it’s even better on the proper screen.

  • Very cool reflection shot… I love this image!

  • really great !!
    (thanks a lot for your visit and comment on my photoblog)

  • beautiful reflection…

  • This is really good reflection. A parking lines add a lot. Good catch.

  • is this a real reflection ? Or is it some serious photoshopping ?

  • Maarten: it’s real, the house is the reflection in the corner of a water logged car park, hence the yellow markings (keep clear I believe that means). The Whole image was then flipped vertically to make the reflection up the right way.

  • i really like the composition, colors and processing on this. it’s just a little dizzying, makes me feel almost like i’m hanging upside down.

  • I like this one.

  • The yellow no entry zone markings are like inter-stellar contrails.

  • Visually exciting image; almost chaotic. Nicely captured.

  • Nice colorcast!

  • Nice reflection, and the way you have turned it upside down gives it a whole other dimension :-)

  • LOVE.

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