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Chicken Wire

Posted: on 11 December 2008
Categories: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog
Tags: abstract | fence | wire

Taken with my Canon 50mm f1.4 at f1.4 hence the extremely narrow depth of field. It’s a great creative lens that I should use more often.
In other news I’ve recently found one of my pictures stolen on IndiaMart, more details on my blog.



  • That’s a major pain, I have had the same recently as well. Although not blatantly for commercial reasons. How did you find the company that stole it? The one that annoyed me recently was people from myspace linking directory to my pictures and therefor not only stealing the pics but eating my bandwidth at the same time. So I banned direct linking with .htaccess but of course then there is Google and copy and paste. I have now resorted to another futile (and not always desirable)solution of placing my name somewhere on each image.

  • Mike: they weren’t very clever and called the image by the same name I had, browsing my stats I saw a hit from google images and there it was along side it. See here. I have major bandwidth issues with hot linking also but because I’m on a windows server I can’t use .htaccess.

  • Very cool work with the 50mm. Sorry to hear about your work getting stolen.

  • ;-) So I guess you are not on IIS 7 then? Of you could try leechguard.dll or similar.

  • Mike: Nope IIS6 and I’m on shared hosting which makes it a pain to install any dll’s.

  • Razor thin DoF. Nice.

    I found a lot of my photos stolen recently and it is beyond annoying. In a few cases they were using my server as the source code so I went in and switched the photos they linked on the server to, well some not very pleasant ones…hehehe

  • Sucks your photos were stolen. IT’s happened to me before, too. Mine were ripped off by a “legitmate” company here in the US so I actually got a settlement out of it.

    Anyway, I love the photo. It evokes a sad, mysterious feeling.

  • who would have thought that a wire fence could look so great.

  • I like this one, maybe the color, maybe the narrow focus, don’t know but it’s a cool image.

  • The 50mm is a great lens. This has an organic scaly feel to it as though you caught the merest glimpse of a much larger beast passing by.