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Decorative Plate

Posted: on 10 May 2006
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro
Tags: abstract | blue | green | red



  • intriguing. I wonder what it is?

  • Man, I have no idea what that is. Cool shot.

  • nice balance between abstract and detailed….

  • Is it a butterfly wing? wonderful colours

  • Amazing!!! What is it, Andy?

  • It’s a close-up of a decorative plate.

  • Beautiful – the colours, the composition, the lighting… Great shot.

  • another amazing question

  • this is really neat. looks like it came straight out of willy

  • Decorative plate? wow, I would have never guessed.

  • oh! my gods! this is so beautiful–it makes my day

  • Cool colors and shapes. What is it though?

  • this is the best you work, far yet. at least what it comes to abstract..

  • i just noticed you said it is a plate. one question, it looks fuzzy like fur, is the plate textured?

  • Just discovered your blog, Andy – great stuff.

    Love this shot too – like the way there is no idea of scale. A true abstract.

  • ? Interesting, love the colors!

  • Nice colourful shot.

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