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Docklands Office Abstract

Posted: on 18 March 2005
Categories: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 | Canon EOS 300D | Photoblog | Portfolio
Tags: abstract | buildings | offices | urban



  • This is superb, all those lines. Deceiving shot, great tones and clarity.

  • it’s lñike a texture…

  • I almost dismissed this one, but then it hit me full force. Great shot.

  • This is such a great use of cropping. Vrey creative. By the way, could the colours of the comments box be changed? It’s so annoying not sto be able to see what you’re typing…

  • love the verticality. composition is outstanding

  • a beauty of a shot … the faded blue tones are awesome

  • AAAH!!! what an amazing shot!!! amazing.

  • This is a classic Deceptive Media shot. :)

    I really like it. Wonderful lines. The monotone here is wonderful.

  • The monotone really brings out the patterns and textures. Wonderful eye to see the potential of this shot. Great job.

  • fantastic perspective here lining everything up. layers of surfaces at different focal points all appearing on one plane creating a illusionistic 2d surface of multi-patterns.. stunning as always.

  • Great texture in this one, very nice…

  • Amazing as always . At first glance this looked like a collage tome. Great Vertical bands of textures and shapes. This piece is all about value and line.

  • Damn, Andy, I missed a great week at Deceptive Media.. Wonderful work all week.

  • Absolutely amazing!!

  • yeah! love it! the duotone works awesome here!

  • I love it! Everything is lined up so perfectly, and the tones and patterns flow so well from one to the next, it’s almost impossible to see the buildings behind it. well done!

  • ~you have such a keen eye for detail and design…this is damn good..really…xlnt impact visually and I have no doubt this would make one helluva fine framed image~

  • awesome patterns and color toning !

  • flickr

    That’s really cool, well seen! Looks like a collage!

  • flickr

    Great geometry

  • flickr


  • wonder shot full of great lines! man i miss living in London and seeing this great city every day! really great stuff! regards, roberto

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