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Docklands Reflections 05

Posted: on 17 March 2004
Categories: FinePix S602 ZOOM | Photoblog | Reflected
Tags: docklands | reflections

Reflection of office buildings in the docks, flipped 180 degrees. Docklands Reflection 04 is similar to this, taken at an earlier date. The water is dark and dingy and when the light is right and there is no wind the reflections are stunning, they blow me away.



  • this is like a dream, or should i say a trip?! it’s great! well done!

  • incredible, loks like something created with photoshop lol not a real image
    beautiful shot :-)

  • so poetic, Landscape in the Water…I love both works…

  • Very nicely done – and the colours are wonderful.

  • Really impressive. It looks like it was painted.