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Docklands Reflections 09

Docklands Reflections 09

Posted by on 4 April 2007  | 29 Comments
  • real organic feel. it reminds me a maze…so, maybe a man-made organic thing. i think the contrast is what makes it pop. thank goodness it is not red and

  • Beautiful colors and forms! Nice “textures”!

  • It seems to be water reflection

  • beautiful and complex… they’re should be bounty hunter paid to find such spots! ;)

  • wonderfully abstract

  • Lovely abstract, would look good in a funky bar.

  • wow ! I’m not quite sure what caused the reflections, but the result is great !

  • Maarten – office buildings.

  • I don’t know what it is, but it is exactly the kind of pictures I imagine when I think about your work.

  • Buildings ? Wow !

  • Excelente resultado! ;)

  • This is great. I sat staring at it for a while trying to differentiate between the light reflecting off the ripples and the defracted shapes of the buildings. Great shot, Andy.

  • Groovy. 1970s flashbacktastic.

  • wow!

  • Wow…. this is really a great effect. Like the abstract and textures.

  • Beautiful. Abstract geometric patterns created by nature and man.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well seen !

  • awesome. like a pucci-print.

  • At the risk of sounding repetitious repetitious, hey, great colours and composition! I’m always struck by your abstract work and your ability in seeing. Your keen sense of sight is remarkable.

  • Fantastic shot! :)

  • Nuts… In a good way.