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Dungeness Power Station

Posted: on 27 December 2007
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: buildings | night

Power Station at Dungeness.



  • I like it very much, especially the toning you chose. Usually I wouldn’t like the star effect on the lights, but here, it’s just right.

  • Great point-light stars and it looks great in mono.

  • And I’ve just realised I said “great” twice in one sentence. Sorry.

  • That is one gorgeous photo :)
    Great processing

  • Nice tones; has an eerie feel to it

  • great colours as allways :)

  • Very dramatic picture with dramatic colors. I like the sharpness in this one. Great one!

  • Aye, good choice as mono/duotone as it enhances the other-worldly sense of place that Dungeness has. It came out very well, considering how dark it was.

  • fantastic capture!

  • Nice. I spent one year working in Power Station, but never saw it so beautiful. Blue is perfect.

  • Very nice treatment.

  • I love the details and the colors here.

  • flickr

    I love the cyan tones here.

  • is this dungeness A or B ?

  • lovely picture. is this dungeness A or B ??

Dungeness Power Station on flickr

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