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Empty Seats

Posted: on 11 March 2006
Categories: Photoblog | Sony Cybershot
Tags: seats



  • Great shot, I love the colors (or lack there of). Nice effect.

  • realy cool. textiles looks like from 1950-s
    i like it…. :)

  • Simple clean lines nice one andy…love it.

  • Stunning Andy, the tones and textures is fanastic.

  • I really like the contrast between the still pattern on the chairs and the motion above. Great shot.

  • i really like the color tones and the movement in the background…

  • awesome processing here.

  • Great choice for black and white – I love how geometric it is, and the geometry probably wouldn’t be so striking in color.

  • Beautiful contrast and lighting!

  • good composition ;)

  • This is such a stunning photo. I would love to have a print and would most certainly love to put if up on my living room wall.

    Kacey Sorrenson
    Webmaster, iDTech Summer Camps

  • This is fantastic. I just wanna stare at it.

  • Stunning image Andy! Patterns, lines and the hint of the reflection all mesh up quite nicely!