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  • I applaud the dedication it must take to walk around looking for details like this. You’re able to make interesting pictures from subjects that others wouldn’t even notice. Good job.

  • This is cool! I like images like this a lot.

  • Nice forms and it looks like gold powder somehow. :-)

  • beautiful details and creation. Very good work with light.

  • Nice shot. I like your photoblog… original photos.

  • As Jon says, detail with the detail. That green, splattered across the frame, is gorgeous.

  • BELLISSIMA!!!!!!!

  • Andy; I do like this shot, becuse it has two abstract layers, graphic abstract and detail-texture abstract, and the the two are underfully combined

  • Thanks all.
    Reza – thats exactly what I like about the shot.

  • great textures and colors! I love your abstact pictures.

  • Love this. The texture is really interesting.

  • lovely colors and texture.

  • flickr

    Interesting details!

  • flickr

    Wow- so many edges found!

    Exclamation on flickr

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