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Fawley Refinery I

Posted: on 17 January 2007
Categories: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog
Tags: chimneys | refinery | smoke

Fawley Refinery. Taken from a ferry on the way to the Isle of Wight.



  • WOW!
    Very good tones, composition, envorienment, contrasts and details!
    I love this!

  • Love all the intricate details that you have captured.

  • Great picture!

  • Excellent. I love the toning and all the fine detail. I’m sure this would look awesome as a large poster print.

  • very good picture, great processing too, I love the resolution and contrats, it looks like a verydetailed drawing!

  • Industrial beauty. One of those things you don’t want to live beside but gladly take take bunch of great shots.

  • Beautiful, bleak shot. Almost looks like the smoke is moving.

  • This is a excellent industrial shot. Good contrast also.

  • For a moment I thought you’d managed to get a “pass” to visit – imagine the shots if you could! Nice shot from the ferry mind – I guess it wasn’t from the super speedy one.

  • Phwoar, that’s a lovely bit of industry. Wish I had some of that near where I live (obviously not TOO near, just close enough for a few photos).

  • Thats great !!! Terribly scaring and still beautiful…

  • shot of the day!!!

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