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Foggy Scape

Posted: on 23 December 2006
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: black and white | field | fog | tree



  • Beautiful shot. Really nice.

  • A very beautiful one. It’s good to see other things that abstracts on your site !

  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of your best!

  • Wow! I usually don’t like saying “Wow!” but this picture warrented it for me. Utterly stunning. A perfect winter photo. Sums up the past few days wonderfully. I feel a chill just looking at it.

  • Great image, love it.

  • A superbly evocative shot beautifully captured, seasons greetings…

  • You can’t go wrong with simplicity like this. Wish I’d been bothered to get out in the mist.

  • The tree is placed just right and there’s just enough detail.

  • Amazing eye! Fantastic photo. Well done!!!

  • Nasty weather man.
    I like the b/w feel of the photo.
    Thought I’ve seen many many lonely tree photos, this one is ok composition wise. Also I can’t figure if that’s grain/noise or compression jitter I see on the photo.

  • That’s a really nice photo man. Just love how the fog is capturing the tree but the tree is fighting back. Really nice image

  • awesome!

  • wow!! photo of the day!

  • It was easy to realize the ‘WOW’ factor here when my jaw hit the floor upon first viewing this one!

  • Wow… almost nothing has never looked so good!!
    I can’t get enough of these foggy pictures.

  • Really amazing…

  • Wow! If there one thing I missed whilst on holiday was this fog that was all over Europe. Good opportunity for really amazing images like yours.

  • Simple and effective.

  • brilliant!

  • so much sensitivity in your captures… great photo

  • WOW !!!!

    No words… just… WOW !!!!

  • just a fantastic shot. Well done!