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Glass Ball #1

Glass Ball #1

Posted by on 5 April 2006  | 20 Comments

Update: For those wondering it's a close up of a glass ball, similar to these.

  • Beautiful. Almost looks like biological / cellular structure.

  • great abstract, im definitely left wondering what this one is.

  • wow – cool shot with some warmth also!

  • YOW! This is like some sort of harnessed energy field…

  • Looks great! Good complementary colors.

  • Great shot! Wonderful use of light and colors.

  • Wow! I’ve just randomly clicked onto your blog and I love it – particularly the abstract colour images – I’ll be back!

  • Another beautiful shot Andy…grea to see you up there the hotblogs top 10…long over due!

  • Beautifull man. I will say it again, this whole series is amazing

  • very cool! what is it?

  • Cool…whats this?? Very interesting

  • Holy cow! Amazing. It’s funny how I find myself always wanting to know what “it” is. This time, it’s got a mix of plastic and organic, liquidy feel to it. Great image.

  • This is an unbelieveable shot…colors and texture (?) are amazing.

  • wow. i really like the neon colours effect of this take. splendid!

  • Incredible abstract image. The shapes and colours are really appealing. Looks like cells magnified (a million times).

  • amazing! this is just inspiring.

  • Wonderful composition with the texture and these colours, like it :)