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Going Underground

Posted: on 13 April 2004
Categories: Photoblog | Sony Cybershot
Tags: green | underground

Escalator to the Underground.



  • Love the color here. Very Matrix-esque.

  • Kinda weird – although this shot is completely different from your previous one, I get the same feeling of motion from them both.

  • such a beautiful shot. Reminds me of Mamorru Oshii’s AVALON.

  • I like very much the green tones… the underground is a very photogenic place.

  • ~simply intriguing and interesting, that greenish hue really adds to the allure of this capture, well done, one of my favs~

  • Very nice, especially with the tilt. :)

  • The swirl of the lights really gives this image energy. Really nice work.

  • the color really works.. great shot.

  • Superb shot !