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Grass Reflections #1

Posted: on 4 February 2010
Categories: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Photoblog | Reflected
Tags: abstract | blue | grass | green



  • This is an incredible picture, the color is incredible. It always amazes me how something so simple can be so beautiful.

  • Very peaceful feel – beautiful colours – thanks…

  • creative

  • perfect for a desktop wallpaper.

  • Wow! It’s like fire, only the color of the flames were green.

  • Simple shot, but effective shot. I like the colors.

  • Beautiful natural minimalism

  • Splendid. Certainly go with the fiery aspect.

  • Lovely composition… this blue and yellow works well together !

  • Very beautiful composition and colours.

  • Great picture. I love the colors and the composition of this photograph. I also like the feeling of peace that it transmit to the observer. Great work, thanks :)

  • Beautiful! Great composition!

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