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Green Ice

Posted: on 14 February 2007
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro
Tags: abstract | green | ice



  • Is this really ice? Nice effect, in any case.

  • The suspension of air is a visual interest that deserves exploration in this image. The texture of the ice seems to be totally random and non-related to other cubes which I wouldn’t have considered the case to be. I think the backlight adds a sense of warmness to this otherwise cold subject matter with the variation of the green hue.

  • Whatever you had to do to get this abstract, metallic-looking image, it worked. It’s beautiful.

  • great texture.

  • Sweet. great colors and textures.

  • Amazing! The colour is unreal, and the glass/ice effect is otherworldly. Very striking.

  • Lovely light and color through the translucent ice. A very pleasant image to the eyes. It would make quite a decorative framed picture hung on a wall.

  • splendid shot. Im trying to understand how you made this shot, but only figured out bits and pieces. great shot

  • Like sumptuous Quality Streets. The ice suggests tightly wrapped foil. It’s groovy.

  • Great details! nice colors mate.

  • Wow, fantastic colors and sharpness! If you would like to contribute some pictures to my site for artistic photo, I would be more than happy! Our screeners will give you expert feedback on every picture you upload, and if you upload at least one picture you can post your photoblog-adress so that even more people will have the pleasure of finding it!

  • Great colours and texture!

  • it’s probably not ice, is it? anyway.. quality shot! live the detail and framing and color tones!

  • it does indeed look like chunks of steel. Very nice effect

  • a seriously cool image – i love the light through the blocks!