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Gunwharf Quays Reflections II

Posted: on 25 November 2007
Categories: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Portfolio | Reflected
Tags: abstract | blue | crane | reflections

More reflections found at Gunwharf Quays. Taken at the same time as Gunwharf Quays Reflections I



  • Great reflection, sharp and colorful. well done.

  • Absolutely superb, the colours make this….

  • Oh yes… wonderful colours and patterns.

  • Cool, very abstract!

  • Fantastic. This is what I like in reflections – nothing is clear and imagination is free.

  • I was so drawn into this interplay of forms and colors, I haven’t even noticed it’s a reflection.
    Just great.

  • I have to admit to being envious of your images sometimes, not always, of course there are some I flatly don’t like but when you shine, you really shine. As is the case here. I think your work, and probably a lot of abstract work, gets a like/dislike reaction. I like your post processing style it brings many of your subjects to life, again demonstrated well here. Also, well done on the bloggies award and the AP magazine competition entries, which after visiting here for several years was an interesting surprise to see.

  • makes me think of the robot in the “wizard of oz”

  • nice!!!

  • creative composed, you made art of it!

  • This seems to have a relationship with your glass shots. The dappled light is quite something.

  • Very good abstract!

  • flickr

    I think that is quite nice!
    Well done.

    Seen in Canon 70-200mm f/4 L USM (NON IS) (?)

  • flickr

    OMG this is brilliant. All of your pix are. Maybe I’ll just fave them alll …. :D

  • flickr

    Excellent ripples- I’m with Spotrick on this one [and I’m also sitting about 8 inches away on the couch, LOL!]

  • flickr

    love these colors and shapes-something quite elegant about them

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