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Posted: on 1 February 2008
Categories: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog
Tags: reflections | wheel

The wheel of a Harley Davidson.



  • nice framing for the portrait. not sure that is what you were going for…but it still seems to work

  • Unique crop and works well. A bit too much contrast for me but it really does bring out the texture in the pads and calipers. Well done.

  • cy: shall we say an accidental self portrait:_)
    George: agreed, I’ve backed of the contrast a bit though it’s still quite contrasty.

  • wowo man! i really love this stunning digital photo !! nice work

  • i think it is the composition that brings the eye to it or maybe the red thing behind you. either way, it is working. plus, i hate doing self portrait work….this seems to be a solution for

  • Hey, cool shot, like the colours and the mirroring of you in the center.

  • woow, it’s great shot; Andy I would like to reduce blue, however the contrast between blue and orange reflection is intersting.

  • This is cool. I like the centralized reflection in the wheel: good composition. The colors work for this too. Nice shot.

  • Thanks all.
    Reza: now you mention it I see what you mean, though personally I’m fond of blue and am probably guilty of over cooking it a bit.

  • Love how it just shines here, I can almost feel the metal through the screen.