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Hayle Seascape I

Posted: on 24 June 2007
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6
Tags: clouds | coast | sand

Taken on the beach at Hayle, one exposure for the sky merged with one for the foreground. To left is St. Ives and to the right is Godrevy Lighthouse.



  • That really has come out well. It has a bit of an hdr look about it but not overcooked.

  • The sky and beach are both great, but I think it’s the inclusion of the town and the lighthouse that really make the image

  • wowwwww, es fantástica, me gusta la profundidad que has conseguido
    Buena “LUZ”.

  • Awesome colors. I love how the sky and the water blend into one color in the horizon..

  • Nice job.

  • Man, this is awesome beyond words!………

  • very nice symetry!!! i love the textures and blue tones!

  • wow I like the colors.

  • great sky – and nice detail of civilization

  • Fantastic image, flawless execution and plenty of mood in this one Andy!

  • Great color. The turquoise blue is arresting.

  • Sigo con la idea que es uno de los sitios con grandes imágenes. Sin duda esta no es la excepción.
    El horizonte bajo crea simplemente un cielo fantástico.

  • Ha! I surf here most days. I live over the brow of that streetlit hill, in St. Ives. You captured the evening vibe well here Andy! Question is, what were you doing here?


  • Great colours. You need some ND Grads :)

  • woow

  • amarvellous seascape, i love the feeling of movement in it.

  • Great seascape… Lovely colours!

  • Wow – this is stunning.

  • Wow. Love a good sky shot.

  • Blimey. Good use of the SuperFandago wide lens.

  • Beautiful dramatic sky…

  • Magnificent !!!