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Horsell Common

Posted: on 22 November 2008
Categories: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog
Tags: fog | forest | landscape | smoke | trees

Last one from my shoot at Horsell Common with milou.



  • Beautiful in a “magic in the everyday” sort of way, and lovely mist

  • That’s just stunning. And lovely colors…

  • Nice colours, atmosphere is very good captured

  • This must be a magic place.
    These are great photos.

  • I really like this image. Being there with that mist so thick must of been pretty cool.

  • Very eerie!

  • Very nice shot! Bit fantasy like. Nice colors as well.

  • This is beautiful as if from a dream with the fog and mist.

  • Interesting look and feel from the previous shot. This looks more like smoke to me than fog. It’s as if someone set the place ablaze and you’re trapped searching for a way out.

  • fantastic image!.. so fairytale-like…

  • Great shot indeed,

  • Mystic scenery – wonderful view.

  • Excellent colours and love the mist – well captured.

  • Stunning. I love images with fog and this one is especially effective.

  • Fine work. The light on the tree mid-central anchors the image.

  • Phwoar… That (if you’ll pardon my French) is a f*cking prime photograph. Lovely. And apologies for not commenting on it until now.