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Jumpin Jacks

Posted: on 23 October 2006
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: abstract | fairground | light trails | long exposure | motion



  • That’s nuts (in a good way). Must be a funfair, right? I do have two small crits, though: (1) The railings look a bit jagged, as if oversharpened and (2) I wish the railings simply weren’t there in the first place. But it’s fairly minor and still a brilliant photo.

  • Jamey: I can see what you mean and this jaggedness appears on the RAW file with no sharpening what so ever, obviously something to do with the long exposure and the light trails. And yes I agree it would be better without the railings at all but this was about the best unobstructed view I could get of the ride. All this amounts to why it sat in my maybe folder for so long. At the moment I’m so low on photos and so busy with work there may be a few more maybe’s going up.

  • Wow! My head is spinning.. Lovely.

  • Well, technicalities aside… I really dig this, it’s so full of movement and fun, love it.

  • I love the swirls, but I don’t like to ride.

  • Beautiful imagery is created when “technicalities” are thrown by the wayside. This is one such image. Absolutely marvelous capture. The trails of light are simply amazing, and they really add an abstract feeling to the image. Phenomenal work.

  • Wonderfully cuaght movement in light. Although it’s a funfair, I see it as a youngster going mad with a sparkler after too much Lucozade on bonfire night.

  • what a lights ! greetings from Poland.

  • why maybe? it’s a must! it’s slightly over-saturated to me but i like it a lot!

  • Maravillosa imagen…Saludos desde Chile.

  • brilliant image.

  • Cool shot! Love it!

  • great composition! i love the two lines of dots at the bottom

  • OH great !! really like your abstract style !

    Please feel free to post some of on the forum

  • ~my goodness, Andy, this is fantastic~