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Keyhaven Groyne I

Keyhaven Groyne I

Posted by on 30 April 2008  | 20 Comments
  • really nice. i love the motion of the tide and the balance of sky and water. great tonal quality as well.

  • A beautiful seascape full of motion as always. Very nice!

  • Amazing, I want it on my wall! I cycle alongside the south coast each day, and there is so much loveliness about the sea to capture, you do it perfectly. This is also a very

  • Stunning motion capture. Black and white was a great choice.

  • Wow! Cool effect with the sea and the sky…

  • Beautiful shot. Somehow it has a soothing effect on me.

  • I like the movement sensation !

  • This is lovely – both the tones and the perspective :-)

  • This is the business. Immense. Texture of the sea matching that of the sky. Love it.

  • wow, nice :D

  • Fantastic exposure, the shutter speed is absolutely perfect!

  • Love the motion…it is pulling me in!!!