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Keyhaven Seascape #3

Posted: on 28 February 2007
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
Tags: black and white | coast | seascape

Minimal. Noise added in PS. I think there was some streaky crap on my filter which you can see on the horizon, rather than remove it I left it in for atmosphere.



  • Gorgeous!

  • Good choice to add some noise as it works well, very nice calming shot.

  • Very nice.

    I vote for ‘lazy arse’ bw ;-)

  • Really a wonderful view.

  • Very balanced composition.
    The eye goes from the horizont to the foreground, and back, and again, and with the pepples there seems a way from here into the nothingness…
    This one makes me smile! Great!

  • great one! the beauty of minimalism.

  • I’d claim the smudges as light streaks…This grain works well. Adds a sense of bleakness and as you know there’s not a lot out at sea here.

  • Great shot, may have been tempted to pop horizon dead centre maybe? just an opinion and it’s prob wrong.. :)

  • a very minimalist scene which turns out to be quite beautiiful, nice processing!

  • Tena koe ehoa
    Quite a nice scene though Andy! The horizon is definitive because we understand it’s a seascape but it’s more definitive in an abstract way because of the processing. I think it’s a very good tist on the norm.
    A sense of perspective i minimal as the variation of tones and hues between top and bottom are limited.

  • Beautifully soulful shot, it inspires a great sense of sadness viewing, lovely shot…

  • The grain really works, very desolate.

  • The noise and vignette work well. It feels dreamy, nice one.