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kingsclere Bridleway I

  • Great color and composition. At first glance the fence looks like matchsticks. I love the intense green field on the left.

  • This shot is surreal. I feel like i’m looking at a model or a toy fence …

    Just beautiful.


  • Now this is some amazing depth of field. How gorgeous and surreal is this? Like being in a dream… Great job as usual Andy.

  • wow… great color and depth!
    I also loved your other photos.

  • That’s gorgeous! The colours and DoF are just perfect. The fence posts look like match sticks.

  • Stunning, absolutrely stunning shot, the DoF and the colors ar just perfect!

  • i wish i could spend a day there

  • Road to heaven…
    Absolutely lovely colours, what cai say more?

  • Oh yes, love it!