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kingsclere Bridleway II

Posted: on 11 September 2006
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Lensbaby | Photoblog | Portfolio
Tags: black and white | bridleway



  • Incredible, I feel I am moving… Great! How did you manage to do this?

  • richo – it’s shot with the lensbaby.

  • Cool effective. Its time to get a lensbaby.

  • wow… very dynamic. love it.

  • I have enjoyed looking at this short series of shots. I’m guessing that the lensbaby is some type of zoom lens?

  • That gives me big motion sickness.

  • wow, great work! i really need to get a lensbaby!

  • One of the most effective LB shots I’ve seen. The rush (man) heading towards that mast.

  • amazing impact dream flashes !!

    WOW.. cool shots, great imagination !!

  • Great image.

  • I can feel speed… Great shot