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  • fabulous abstract. (and great title!) Looks like an learner plate.

  • Lovely abstract.

  • I love the graphic quality and bold colors of this image. Nice work!

  • Great composition and colours.

  • fantastic abstract, you have an eye for graphism in lines and colors

  • Great!

  • the colours

  • interesting find. i really like the small details in this. almost think that maybe tighter shot on the half painted ‘bolt’ would be nice, maybe b/c my eye is jumping about this canvas. thinking you might have planned the movement though.

  • Good Lord! What colours. Simply breathtaking. You are a master of abstracts!

  • Cor. This is a bit good. the slight warp in the metal gives the impression of it being made of cloth.

  • It’s all beeen said… GREAT!!

  • very nice picture!

  • Great graphic picture.

  • Nice colors and composition – I wish I could find something like this near my home.

  • Abstract and colors are fine !