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Posted: on 4 February 2009
Categories: Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog | Portfolio | Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro
Tags: abstract | geometry | lines | patterns

Backlit lime slice.



  • Excellent macro pin sharp and very colourful

  • Very creative as always.

  • Excellent! Composition is perfect.

  • Lovely. You have such an eye for detail!

  • A beautiful, out of this world feel shines in this image. Superb.

  • Interesting.
    Great work.

  • Amazing. Looks like something in the cosmos

  • Bonsoir,
    Great details and beautiful colors..bravo!

  • Very, very cool. Looks like something you’d find on a coral reef.

  • flickr

    very nice…

  • flickr

    Thanks © c a c h a p a , much appreciated.

  • flickr

    ooh, love the macro!

  • flickr

    Beautiful macro!

  • Fantastic details, love the textures and lighting. Great macro.

  • Photography is a completely subjective way of expressing oneself. This photograph easily expresses that idea. To me, photography is typically an image of a landscape or a model posing for the camera. However, this is not the case. Something as simple as a lime could create such emotion and meaning. Personally this image makes me realize that there is always something beautiful to look at, even in the most unexpected places. This photo concentrates on the center of the lime and gives off such a vibrant and bold color that seems to be very refreshing not only because of the color but also because of the subject matter. I really enjoy the simplicity of this image, very well taken.

Lime on flickr

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