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London Black Cabs

Posted: on 30 March 2005
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Photoblog | Portfolio | Sigma 28-200mm
Tags: black and white | bollards | transport

I was amazed I was even nominated for anything at Photobloggies 2005 and even more amazed that I won the Best Abstract Photography of a Photoblog category – many thanks to everyone who voted for me.

To be honest I would have been quite happy for vitrine en illumine or Chiaroscuro to have won the abstract category as they both have excellent sites and are among my favourite photoblogs. Congratulations to Dave at Chromasia on winning the Best European / British / Irish Photoblog, the other category I was nominated in though I knew I didn’t stand a chance in this one.



  • Andy, I’m really liking the composition of this shot. The tones aren’t too shabby either. =)

  • Great shallow DoF, Andy. Works great in B&W. Wonderful capture!!!!!!!

  • Totally agree with the above said, very nice shot, great DOF…

  • Very nice contrast between the dark and the bright side, separated by a row of shiny pillars, excellent composition. Love how you’ve chosen the point of focus too.

  • Great shot Andy – love the DoF. Works well in B/W with the shiny metal bollards. Great.

  • ~b&w…I cannot remember the last b&w image I saw from you, but I/eye really like the choice of it here for this image…the repetition grabbed my attention then the selective focus and lastly the tones…very interesting low POV you took here…~

  • great tonal range to complement the DOF, Andy. I really like that one headlamp poking out between the two stanchions.

  • ~I wanted to also say CONGRATS on the Photoblog award, best abstract photography…a WELL-DESERVED award and recognition, thnx for all the eye-candy and incredible images!~

  • wonderful shot. love the slice of dof. kudos on the win, no surprise here as you were the first one i thought of when it came to abstracts.

  • Congrats on the Photbloggies win. That’s awesome. As is the lighting in this shot.

  • This is a great shot – and congrats on your Photobloggy! :)

  • CONGRATS Andy!!!!!!!! You definitely deserve it.

  • Congrats on the photobloggies :-)

  • very well composed
    great B&W
    very well seen

  • Congrats Andy! you really deserved one of the awards, personally I casted my bets abstract vote for zerosun, but hey, you two are up there in the land (heaven?) of ‘I’ll make ANYTHING look interesting’!….

  • What impresses me the most about this is that it looks like it *belongs* in black and white. Like it’s some sort of other dimesion where everything is chrome or grey. :D

  • congratulations andy on the photobloggie!! you’ve been creating these mesmerizing and stunning and elegant images for a while now and you definitely deserve it. deceptivemedia was the first site i saw since i started my blog site 4 months ago, that truly blew me away and inspired me at the same time – and still continues to. congrats again.

  • congrats Andy, well done on the award. great DOF and B&W is perfect for those steel posts and taxis.

  • Congratulations on the photobloggies!

  • beautiful!!! simply amazing.

  • Most deserved congratulations on your Photbloggie for best abstract photography Andy!! Yours is truly one of my favourite blogs. :-)

  • I echo anne. Truly well deserved, Andy.

  • love it ! great DOF and b/w fits very well, I also like the cars in the back

  • Well done babe, you deserve to win, I am proud of you. XXXXXX

  • Great DOF, nice perspective and tones.
    Good work !


  • Congratulation! I am really glad you won! :)

  • I really like this one. Fantastic use of field depth and nicely composed.