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Posted: on 24 September 2004
Categories: Canon EOS 300D | Photoblog | Sigma 28-200mm
Tags: clouds | marquee | roof



  • Another outstanding shot – I really love your site. Simply beautiful.

  • And yet another great abstract. I really would like to shoot something like this myself. What I like especially about this shot is the strange color. How did you do that?

  • This is fantastic. I really like the graininess of the image. I have no idea what the subject matter is but I can read all-sorts of things into this image . This is another of your simple yet incredibly interesting pics.

  • Dude, this shot is straight trippin! What is it exactly?

  • Great composition, really interesting…

  • Outstanding! This should be a Pink Floyd album cover.

  • Wow, what a strange perspective!

  • ~tons of impact and appeal visually for me here, the gritty grain is a huge bonus~

  • fantastic range of colors and so elegant lines!
    it’s like a watercolor…
    i love it!

  • Simply beautiful.

  • this is one of my favorites. reminds me of an hr giger piece.