Medstead and Four Marks Station

Medstead and Four Marks Station

Posted by on 10 January 2010  | 23 Comments

Medstead and Four Marks Station, on the Watercress Line.

  • misty and mystic

  • Beautiful composition! The lighting is exceptional here.

  • Fascinating atmosphere.

  • Terrific. Steam, light, snow and the railway children.

  • Very nice, the fog/water steam adds a nice atmosphere to this..

  • Absolutely brilliant! Did you time travel to snap it?

  • wow! amazing work here.

  • Amazing work. Like a scene in a Hitchcock movie :-) Mystic and misty!

  • Fantastically atmospheric.

  • Glorious. Hitchcock, been mentioned, and it definitely evokes an atmosphere of old movies, but I think it’s more Brief Encounter. It’s very special, anyway.

  • Quite cinematic. I like it a lot.

  • Taken back in 1940? Nice one!

  • Got to agree with comments about old movies. It’s rare to get such a good juxtaposition of so many cool elements. Great.

  • Thanks all :)

  • Amazing website. Thank you for letting me spend some time here.