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Posted by on 25 November 2005  | 34 Comments
  • wow! So, will you tell us where these shots are from? great framing!

  • Wonderful, clean shapes and lines. So I sense a polarizer?

  • Wow. What on earth is this though?

  • Wow, my favorite picture that I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks.

  • Great use of thirds combined with colour

  • Whoa… that’s insane. Great comp, great color. Awesome as always, Andy.

  • Great composition and great colors. Stunning.

  • Excellent. I really like how the wisp of cloud seems to pop out of the top right corner of the sculpture.

  • Wonderful simplicity as always Andy. Great color.

  • Very cool. I love how the clouds almost run off the tip of the monument.

  • Andy it is great shot, where is it, i think it is related to two photos agoes

  • Ack, it’s been so long since I last remembered to stop by here! I’ll have to take proper time to run through the archives and appreciate what I’ve missed. :)
    Great spot for a big metal sculpture… sorta like something by David Smith.

  • Great photo. The light is amazing and – well – wow :-)

  • Awsome photo Andy. Simple yet elequent.

  • amazing structure!!!

  • Gorgeous, Andy!

  • Beautifully done man, as always.

  • Beautiful !!!!!!! less is more :D

  • wow, simply superb

  • I agree with all the previous comments. In addition, I discovered something unique in the “Milestone,” an optical illusion; one look, depth, another protrusion. It’s like, “What do you see? A beautiful young lady or a hag?” Also, the photo presents surprise. What is this complicated man made device doing in such a bland landscape? Wow! What a composition.

  • Wow. Somehow reminds me at a tooth growing out of the earth.