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Mirrored Dandelion

Mirrored Dandelion

Posted by on 3 May 2007  | 54 Comments

Another Dandelion shot, this time mirrored in PS to create the perfect Dandelion.
I’m thrilled to have won a Photobloggiie in the 2007 Photobloggies for Best Abstract Photography. I’m also very pleased to see Dave from Milouvision winning Best Landscape Photography. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up.

  • Wow!

  • I was at the award ceremony and gave a nice big shout for you when you won! Congrats, it’s well deserved.

  • Congratulations on winngon the bloggies award Andy. From what I’ve seen it’s very much deserved. And as if to celebrate, you post a stunning abstract shot :)

  • Well done on the photobloggies. This is another one with some great colours – how are you lighting these shots?

  • Well done again :) Love how you light your shots, would be interested to see how you create them. Lovely work again.

  • BobC, Jonathan: lighting was from the sun but using a light tent in the garden.

  • Oh, wow. Pretty amazing. Dandelion from outer space :)

  • just like some creepy insect is about to come out… beautiful and horror at the same time

  • Awesome shot.

  • this is really great. i thought the other was a great shot, but this is nice. esp to see such a close macro in color and such a delicate subject. inspiring!

  • Congrats Andy, well deserved as usual! What are you going to do with all these lensbabies?!…;-) Great shot again and the processing is immaculate!

  • amazing.

  • Bella!

  • Wow, brilliant shot, these colours and details are great.

  • Nice to have given away how this was done. And I am impressed as my mind just never comes up with things like that.

  • Hey… thats amazing….
    no words to praise it… !! (india)

  • Superb & well done on the deserved award.

  • Wow, surreal! Very cool use of colors and just awesome. I don’t have words to cover how deeply I feel for this one. I added your blog to my blogroll at – keep it up!

  • great idea, fantastic execution… spectacular result!!

  • whata great idea to use this mirror effect

  • Brilliant symmetry, black background takes it right out of context and makes you stare longer.

  • really great. love your shots.

  • Superb shot! I like the lighting and the softness in the picture. What’s the exif on this?

  • Great view, great color, great photo!

  • Congrats on your recent award, it’s no wonder you won it, this image is very powerful. Great work.

  • Brilliant shot.

  • Indeed, truly amazing!

  • Great macro! I didn’t know a plant could be so frightening! The dof is perfect.

  • Stunning Stunning Stunning. Perfect

  • This must be one of the best dandelion photos I have ever seen…

  • cool

  • I am impressed. It’s always great to see such talent. It drives one on in serach of further learning I guess….. Good one again!