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Morning Dew

Morning Dew

Posted by on 8 November 2006  | 32 Comments
  • thank you.

  • Beautifully delicate and intricate. Well done.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm i love this one. One of your best in my opinion. Perfect colours, sharpness, dof, ..

  • Wow – this is brilliant. Perfect for all the foggy weather we’ve been having lately.

  • Brilliant. Perfect colors and patterns.

  • Genius. Great DoF. Reminds me of the opening credit in the Spiderman films!

  • I’ve been following your recent abstract series avidly and this is perhaps the best of the light. I just can’t get enough of the blue!

  • really beautiful… great light and detail work !

  • Very nice. I like the colours and also DoF is great!

  • Love the colours and the abstract nature of this photo, excellent work.

  • Gorgeous!

  • Wonderful use of light and colot

  • Only thing bothering me is the white blob top-right, which I feel could do with cropping out. Apart from that it’s lovely.

  • Brilliant! Great lighting and DOF. The tones are excellent.

  • beautiful shot. nicly done!

  • excellent blue, i like the DOF and the light.

  • Great colours!

  • simple idea but the result is terrific!!

  • Just beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Top stuff. Almost expected Sir Bob of Goth to emerge from the shadowy depths. Bluetastic (may not be a real word).

  • your work is an inspiration for me/.

  • Excellent shot! And great color.

  • Fantastic! My first thought was “how in the world did he get a shot of neurons?!”

  • Lovely composition, dof and exposure. You are a really good photographer! Stewart.

  • Incredible shot :)

  • This looks like a photo of a spider web. The texture is good and the details are really accurate.