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Mount Kimmeridge

Posted: on 14 June 2007
Categories: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L | Canon EOS 5D | Photoblog
Tags: coast | long exposure | rocks



  • This is beautiful. It has such an abstract quality that I just lose myself looking into the picture. I find it very tranquil.

  • It could be two mountain tops surrounded by clouds. Nicely done.

  • Amazing.

  • wow, really cool effect. great colours and wonderful textures!

  • lovely, I like the absence of scale

  • Very cool shot. great colors.

  • Very, very beautiful Andy, fab shot!

  • beautiful!!!

  • Very very nice! Almost unreal view. Cool shot, indeed.

  • love the tones, shapes, highlights, everything ! GREAT JOB !

  • Wow. This is oustanding. Love the clouds spilling over the ridge.

  • Really like the ambiguity of viewpoint suggested by the deceptive title.

  • Really great image, i love the colors and the use of a slow shutter-speed..

  • this is simply breath-taking man!

  • Was gonna say the same as Swainy, look like mountains.

  • Yes they do look like mountains coming out of the mist. I got a similar one when we met up with Milou but nowhere near as good as this one.

  • Estoy asombrado. He vuelto después de un largo tiempo sin revisar mis feeds y me encuentro con esta imagen hermosa. Felicidades.

  • beautiful.

  • Fantastic shot ! really beautyful !

  • The rocks look great and so does the water. The slow shutter speed makes it look misty. Very nice .

  • Nice pictures. thanks for posting.