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Moving Walkway I

Posted: on 24 August 2004
Categories: Photoblog | Sony Cybershot
Tags: green | perspective



  • very nicely executed. i need to make something like this myself (if i ever get out of my car…)

  • I can’t get enough of this kind of pictures. Nice choice of colour, fits the subject very well.

  • Great futuristic feel – the choice of monotone really works well here..

  • In a word: wow!

  • I agree with Kendall, this has an awesome futuristic/sterile feeling. Very Gattaca.

  • Nice shot, not rush hour as you’d have been barged out the way by now; hopefully not by me!

    Did you cross-process this? Or use some similar effect digitally?

  • Very nice green color!! Great job!

  • Great color.

  • Heh, I was in London last week and I think I took about two dozen shots of Underground escalators.

  • Beautifully done! Transportation hubs are fun to shoot, aren’t they? I just visited the Los Angeles Subway last week for the first time and took a picture there in that station too. Didn’t ride it yet though. It’s not like the Tube given that it goes practically nowhere near anywhere I ever go and shuts down at 12:30 AM. but so it goes in LA LA land where everyone wants to take their own cars anyway.

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